Aim & Motto

The aim of the School:

The aim of the institution is to give students, irrespective of caste, creed and place of origin, a solid and full-fledged formation for life as truly integrated personalities ---------- capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God, their families, their fellowmen and their country.

"ONWARD WITH HONOUR" - Each child is expected to be inspired to perform his / her duties in their onward march to perfection and progress.

School Emblem:

Fleur delys
National Flower of France.

The Congregation of the Sisters of St.Joseph of the Apparition was founded in Gaillae, France, on Christmas day 1832 by Emile de Vialar who is now a canonized saint.

The motto of the school ONWRD WITH HONOUR should inspire us in our lives, at home, in school and in all dealings with others.

The four symbols of the EMBLEM are as follows:

Fleur delys - National flower of France, a reminder of our origin.

S.J. - Stands for St.Joesph, Patron of the Congregation and of the School, He is also our guardian and guide.

Light - We are children of the light and our Light should shine and act as a beacon for others.

Lotus - National flower of India. A symbol of all that is beautiful and this should be reflected in our lives.